Looking For Things To Do In Puglia

I have always wanted to visit Italy, but a lack of finances and clear direction stopped me from pursuing this dream. After meeting an Italian man last summer, it seems things have turned around immensely. he is originally from a town called Puglia and he is planning to go back to see some family members later on this year. He wants me to go along and I am incredibly excited.

He left there so long ago that he has no idea what people do there for fun. I told him I would do some research in order to find out. I do not want to go all the way across the world in order to be bored, so I have been constantly trying to seek out more information. So far, I do not seem to be having much luck.

There are tons of museums in the area, but i have to admit that this has never really been my thing. I get bored really easily, so I am looking for some things that offer a bit more excitement. Another thing that I noticed is that they have some amusement parks. This sounds like fun, but it is something that I can do when I am in the United States. I was hoping for something that is really exciting and unique to the region.

I know that many parts of Italy are famous because they have great wine. For this reason, I am thinking about doing a search for some vineyards. While that may not seem like the most exciting activity in the world, I think that this is something that my guy and I will both enjoy a lot. I am going to do some digging to see what is in the area and whether or not we have to make reservations.